Flats to rent in Kiev, Ukraine.


Guarantees and terms of service


A few clear and simple rules

The terms and conditions of the services offered by Easy-Kiev and the guarantees we offer are on this page. Please contact us for any other clarifications or requests for information.




How to book

To book one of the apartments on the site, simple fill in the form ensuring that all the compulsory fields are completed.


Alternatively, contact us via Skype at the ID www.easy-kiev.com or phone us on +38 073 414 02 99.

Check on availability

  • If the chosen apartment is not available, an alternative one, compatible with your requirements, will be offered.

  • If the apartment is available, you'll be asked to confirm the booking through payment of a deposit of one day's rent.

Once we receive payment of the deposit, we will make the booking and send you a confirmation email.


Due to local policies on rents, bookings must be made respecting the following times:

  • Stays of less than 4 days. If you are staying for less than 4 nights, the booking must be made no more than 48 hours before 1.

  • Stays of 4-5 days. Bookings for stays in our apartments of 4-5 nights can be made up to 30 days before.

  • Stays of more than 5 days. There are no limits on booking for stays of more than 5 nights.


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Calculation of the lenght of the day

Unless otherwise indicated, a day is calculated from 1.00 pm until 12.00 noon of the following day (as in most hotels). If you need to go into the apartment before this time, you will have to book from the previous day.


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Booking for the weekend

If a booking is made just for the weekend, you may be asked for payment in advance for the whole stay(especially in the high season).

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Booking - guarantees and obligations for the client

Once confirmed, the booking of a flat is guaranteed 100% 2.


  • Once the booking is made, the dates cannot be changed.

  • If the booking is cancelled or changed, the deposit will be kept.

  • If early return home is made, part of the deposit will be kept.

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Arrival (Check-in)

The balance of the rent must be paid in full and in cash immediately on arrival. Payment is accepted in Euros, American dollars and Hryvnia (the Ukrainian currency). If you've booked transfer from the airport or station, the driver or one of our staff will wait for you at the exit of the terminal. When you reach your destination, our staff member will collect the payment and give you the keys to the apartment.


If you haven't booked the transfer, please telephone us as soon as you reach Kiev to confirm your arrival. We will immediately send one of our staff to the apartment where s/he will wait for you to collect payment and give you the keys.


  • If you aren't satisfied with the apartment, we will offer you an alternative, available from the following day.

  • If there are unexpected events due to ‘Acts of God' and the apartment cannot be used at the time of your arrival, we'll do everything we can to arrange for your immediate transfer to alternative accommodation of the same quality or higher, without asking for any additional payment.


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Departure (Check-out)

When you leave, a member of our staff will join you in the apartment to check for any damage and collect the keys.


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Other conditions

The apartments are offered for residential purposes. If the property is used for other aims (conferences, photographic casting, filming, etc.), payment of a supplementary tariff will be requested. Advice must be given in advance, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.


If you intend to take animals with you, a supplementary tariff will be requested. You must tell us in advance otherwise the booking will be cancelled.


The cost of an apartment does NOT vary according to the number of people staying in it.


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The rent includes:

  • bed linen

  • towels

  • cooking utensils

  • the electricity consumed

  • hot and cold water

  • local phone calls

  • cleaning of the accommodation (with change of bedlinen and towels) usually made every three days or more often if required.


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The rent does not include:

  • long-distance  telephone calls and calls made to mobile phones.

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Supplementary paid services

The following supplementary services can be requested, on payment:

  • extra cleaning of the accommodation

  • laundry

  • cookery


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Local owners tend to cancel booking 2-3 days before, particularly in the high season, if the opportunity arises to rent the accommodation for a longer period. As a result, you would run the risk of staying in a flat different from the one you chose, if you booked a long time in advance.


Except for unexpected events resulting from ‘Acts of God'.


  • Affordable!
  • High comfort apartments
  • Wide range of services
  • Complete freedom for your trip!

Questions? Doubts? Feel free to contact us by e-mail, Skype™ (call, chat) o through our contact page.


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